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Somethings just happen so fast. Chaos broke out last night as Corey (friend of the family's dog) pounced on Mango and gripped her in his mouth. Mind you, Mango is a seven pound Pom and Corey is a mutt (I just know he's a Pitbull-mix) and he's fully grown. Yeah, obviously there's really not a match. Anyways, everyone dropped what they were doing and ran over to try and pry his mouth open. People were screaming, and beating on him. I was frozen in my seat. Sasha (my other doggy, a poodle-mix) starts barking and is upset so I grabbed her and kept her away from the scene. When they finally got Corey's mouth open Mango was bleeding and nonresponsive. My sister and her boyfriend immediately left to take her to the animal ER.

Ann hurt her hand. Sno (Corey's owner) had hurt himself too. He was livid and disturbed at what he had just witnessed. Corey's being put up for adoption. When they took Mango I really thought that she was just going to come back with stitches. Hurt, yes. But she'd be okay. We called my sister to check on the situation only to hear that Mango's spleen had ruptured and they were going to have to put her down. We went to the animal ER to see her. Her eyes wouldn't close. She looked at peace though-- Betty said that she doesn't think Mango felt any pain though... so that was good. She wasn't even a year old-- she was just a baby. This is my first time going through the loss of a pet, it's really weird. I don't think people really understand unless they go through it too. (I mean all the people who say, "It's *JUST* a pet.") I love Mango. I miss her a lot already. (I know it's going to be okay so don't bother writing that =.=) I do hope that she didn't suffer. And I do hope that Corey is adopted by someone who can "handle" him I guess, maybe someone will need a guard dog, I don't know.

My favorite memory of Mango is how in the morning when you let her out of her crate, she'd attack you with her paws and kiss you all over. She was REALLY affectionate in the morning. I used to let her lay with me (under my blanket and everything). She loved playing with toys and was so excitable. She loved goat cheese. If you so much as whispered it-- she would start shaking from excitement. So precious. She really was such a wonderful addition to my family. I love you Mango. Adieu, adieu and a thousand times goodnight. <3

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